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Video Tutorials for All Users

Create a User Account

Learn how to create a user account.

Email Opt In

Learn how to opt in to receive email notifications.

Change Password

Learn how to change your password.

Container Notification

Learn how to set up container notifications.

Import Release Inquiry

Learn how to check the status of units.

Equipment Inquiry

Learn how to search for equipment.

Bill of Lading Inquiry

Learn how to view bill of lading details.

Video Tutorials for Trucking Company Users

Appointment Create

Learn how to create an appointment.

Appointment Edit

Learn how to edit an appointment.

Appointment Pre Advise

Learn how to pre advise DP World of appointments.

Bulk Appointment Create

Learn how to bulk create an appointment.

Lynx Bulk Appointment Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Bulk Appointment Pre Advise

Learn how to bulk pre advise appointments.

Lynx Bulk Appointment Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Bulk Appointment Cancel

Learn how to bulk cancel appointments.

Appointment Standby

Learn how to create a standby appointment.

Video Tutorials for Shipping Line Users

On Hire

Learn how to add, search for, and edit On Hire Equipment.

Hazardous Upload

Learn how to add hazardous declarations to container numbers.

Create Export Booking

Learn how to create export bookings.

Create Hazardous Booking

Learn how to create hazardous bookings.

Create Reefer Booking

Learn how to create reefer bookings.

Equipment Delivery Order

Learn how to create equipment delivery orders.

Trucking Company Release

Learn how to assign trucking companies to import units.