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DP World Prince Rupert Fairview Container Terminal Incident




DP World can confirm that an incident occurred today at the Prince Rupert Fairview Container Terminal in Canada. At approximately 9:45 am local time December 21, 2017, two employees working in a specific area of the container yard were assisted in getting medical treatment at the local hospital with symptoms of respiratory irritation. Thankfully they have been discharged within hours of their arrival. We continue to check on their well-being.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, the local community, and any others who may have been affected. As such, as part of our emergency response, DP World Prince Rupert suspended operations and immediately evacuated all personnel from the terminal’s container yard.

At this early stage we do not have any confirmed information regarding the cause of the incident, but our emergency response team is endeavouring to establish the facts and is working closely with emergency services to address the situation.

DP World will issue further statements as appropriate and will also post new information to its website:


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