Organization Spotlight: MOSAIC

MosaicDP World is dedicated to showcasing organizations that are leaders in charitable contributions to society, especially those that prioritize inclusion and diversity, such as MOSAIC. Since 1976, this Canadian-based charity has provided smooth transitions and successful immersion for immigrants to the Vancouver area. They recognize and seek to share the rich value that immigrants contribute to our society.

MOSAIC is a community leader committed to the economic, social and cultural development of newcomers to Canada, by delivering safe and accessible services and engaging in community building and advocacy. 130 languages, with forty different alphabets, are spoken within the organization, and more than 75 percent of MOSAIC staff speak two or more languages. With a diverse and vibrant crew of 350 individuals and an impressive $33 million budget, MOSAIC is a leader for inclusion and diversity within the British Columbia community.

What is MOSAIC?

MOSAIC is a charity organization dedicated to empowering immigrants and refugees during their transition to Canadian culture. They ensure that these newcomers are successfully productive, valued members of the BC community. Newcomers are too often overlooked and fall through the cracks in the immersion process, leading to dissatisfaction and confusion. MOSAIC changes that.

For almost forty-five years, MOSAIC has helped newcomers of all ages who come to Canada looking for a better life. The people at MOSAIC proudly provide a safe, inclusive environment for BC’s diverse immigrant population, particularly the younger members. MOSAIC’s services include career and language assistance, employment counselling, as well as basic-needs assistance for housing and transportation. They believe in lifting up the newcomer community members and helping them utilize their skills and education to become a part of local society.

How does MOSAIC work?

MOSAIC’s work often begins in the newcomers’ home country by providing passports and organizing necessary documentation. They continuously support and help newcomers acquire housing, reliable transportation, citizenship, and employment in BC.

Because the language barrier is one of the largest concerns for newcomers, MOSIAC staff and volunteers provide in-depth language assistance for adapting to Canadian society. They also provide educational assistance, job placement for career-seekers, and emotional support for the LGBTQ+ community and victims of prejudice and gender inequality.

The MOSAIC Job Fair is the largest in BC, taking place each April and bringing in more than seventy employers and over 2,500 attendees. Because many newcomers have two, and sometimes three, degrees, this opportunity showcases their skills and education for a suitable role in the BC workforce.

How can my business partner with MOSAIC?

A growing interest for businesses is dedication to inclusion and diversity awareness and initiatives. Businesses wanting to align their corporate social responsibility goals with an organization that supports and advocates for inclusion and diversity across the world, should consider MOSAIC.

MOSAIC accepts donations, which often supports their programming for newcomers of all ages, including the MOSAIC Family Centre, Youth Leadership Network and Employment and Mentorship.

Helping the newcomer population settle into their new Canadian lifestyle is one way your business can give back to the community this holiday season. Whether your business wants to make a corporate donation, choose MOSAIC as a charity of choice for Employee Giving or individual giving, MOSAIC can help you reach your inclusion and goals. Through MOSAIC, businesses can play an important role in welcoming newcomers and aiding their successful assimilation into BC communities.  Donate today and support inclusion and diversity.

To keep up with MOSAIC’s latest activity and opportunities, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you would like to partner with, sponsor, or donate to MOSAIC, contact them directly.