Environmental Protection and Management

Lessening our impact on the environment is a top directive we undertake through constant assessment, innovation, and improvement of equipment and operational efficiencies.

Our role in the supply chain and its contribution to climate change is through the consumption of resources and the resulting emissions of greenhouse gases.

We believe that environmental protection and management is an important consideration in our activities and commit to continually improving performance, as reflected in our policies, procedures, programs and practices.

Minimizing Our Footprint

We strive to create environmentally-friendly benefits for the communities in which we operate.

Employees in all areas of the operation are encouraged to seek effective ways to minimize our environmental footprint.  We continuously evaluate innovations in energy and natural resource management, often in partnership with key suppliers.

Reduction in CO2 emissions is a key priority and we are committed to improving air quality by implementing emissions reduction initiatives like our no-idling program.

Other environmental initiatives include:

  • New energy-conserving LED lighting technologies deployed across our terminals
  • Implementation of fuel savings technologies across our equipment fleets
  • Moving toward the eventual adoption of Shore Power