Northwest to Southeast: more options to-and from-the Americas

Serving the Americas with speed and efficiency

Our strategically located container terminals and logistic centers offer faster transit times, easier access, and cost-efficient transmodal connections.

Learn how you can access the Americas more effectively: Take a look at our terminals, download our white paper and visit us at the DP World table – Table #2 – just outside the Promenade Ballroom at TPM 2016.

Download our White Paper: New Options for supply chain efficiency from Asia to the Americas.

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1 container berth, with 17m depth, soon to be 2 in 2017

North America's deepest natural harbor, to serve deep-sea container vessels with speed and efficiency

59.4 acres of terminal area, with more capacity coming

Specifically designed as an intermodal container transfer facility

4 quay cranes & 3 more on order

Super post Panamax cranes, 22 container-wide for high-speed handling

72 reefer plugs

North A purpose-built facility, designed for the world's largest container ships

The greenest, fastest route

Direct links into Canada & the US midwest, along with low elevation of tracks provides fuel cost advantage

12,000 feet of on-dock rail

Plus 6 storage tracks for fast, efficient handling

2 container berths

With 15.5 and 15.0 meter depth, and 647 meters of total length

72 acres of terminal area

Specifically With direct connections to rail and road (12 incoming truck lanes/4 outgoing lanes)

8,000 feet of on-dock rail

Direct connection to Canadian and US markets via two rail networks

546 reefer plugs

To ensure perishable cargoes are maintained at proper temperatures

6 quay cranes

To handle the largest container ships, three Panamax cranes, 22 wide, twin 20 capable, a Fantuzzi post Panamax crane, 18 wide, and two MGM, 17 wide cranes


19 one-over-five Rubber Tire Gantries for fast, flexible container handling over the rail and in the yard

2 berths with 13.5m depth

1 specialty barge berth and 1 container berth, capable of handling deep-sea and smaller vessels with speed and efficiency

15 acres of paved storage

Generous storage for short-sea container and break-bulk cargo, with a developed area for heavy-lift storage

1 gantry crane

With one 104 metric tonne mobile harbor crane; the terminal is used for container handling and for exports, cargo, kaolin and salt discharge

168 TEU-capacity Lo-Lo barge

Twice-weekly sailings of our own barge for cost-effective, environmentally-friendly shipping

3 container berths with 15.2m depth

And 622 meters in length, to serve the largest vessels transiting the Panama Canal

123.5 acres of terminal area

Supporting near-sourcing and multi-destination shipments to and from the US, Caribbean and Latin America

365 day operation

24 x 7, 365-day operation with the capacity to handle 1.6 million TEUs a year

6 post Panamax cranes

Twice-weekly sailings of our own barge for cost-effective, environmentally-friendly shipping

12 incoming truck lanes & 4 outgoing lanes

With 2 mobile harbor cranes for maximum handling speed and flexibility

671 reefer plugs plus 350 mobile generators

In the Caribbean's most fully integrated logistics and transshipment center

Seamless Integration

Airport, seaport, and logistics facilities are all in the same bonded tax-free zone.

Flexible and customizable warehousing services

Containers are transported from quay to warehouse, where they can be stored or broken out for relabeling, repackaging and/or rebundling.

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